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You can register as either a Retail or Trade customer.

Retail customers will be shown retail prices including vat.

Logged in Trade customers will be shown trade prices excluding vat.

Trade customers will initially be registered as Retail customers and shown only retail pricing until their trade credentials have been verified by a member of our team. It is, therefore, important if you wish to register as a Trade customer, that you supply all the information requested, to make verification as quick and simple as possible.

If you are already a Trade customer, you can either complete the form or send an email requesting login details, or a message via the [Contact Us] page and they will be sent to you.

Alternatively, you can download an Account Application form by clicking [HERE], which should be returned to for your account to be approved. The form is in PDF format so you may need Adobe Acrobat to complete it. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded from [HERE].

Eight characters minimum One lowercase letter One uppercase letter One number One special character
Are you a Retail or Trade Customer? *

Trade Customer

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After you have submitted your registration, you will be able to view RETAIL prices only until your Trade credentials have been verified. Once completed, you will be able to view Trade prices (excluding vat).

Retail Customer

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